What Makes Movies A Member Of The Top Ten DVD Rentals List?

We all like watching enlightening movies. I am sure that no one would disagree to this fact. As a matter of fact, we all like watching movies but only those that are really good. The best way to enjoy a film at home is to get a DVD rented. The quality of a DVD movie is unmatchable. You can download the movie from the internet but the quality of the movie is not that good and so is the sound quality but I do agree to the fact that film should be rented before they are bought. There have been cases when people have spent a lot of money for nothing therefore it is always a wise choice to rent before you buy. Now the real important question that arises is that which film to rent? In this blog we will be discussing the top ten dvd rentals.

We won’t be discussing all the movies but more importantly we will be discussing what makes these movies the top DVD rentals. Let’s start off with the example of Inception. One the best thing about inception is that the first time you watch the movie you are never clear about the original idea. There are many confusing factors that make sure that the audience watches the film over and over again. Since you have watched the film once in the cinema you will not want to watch this movie again there. This thing will force you to get this movie on a DVD and that is the reason why this movie is on the top of our list of good movies to rent.

The next movie that we will be discussing is the expendable. Think about the reason why you watched this movie in the first place. I am sure the reason was the cast of the film. There were so many top actors that you couldn’t think about missing the movie. To be really honest, in my personal opinion it was a good action film but not a really good movie i.e. a movie that you cannot say was out of the world but the reason why it became a part of our list was the cast of the film.

The last movie our list of the popular DVD rentals is how to train a dragon. This is an animated movie just like toy story 3. Most adults don’t like animated movie that the success of this film shows that it’s not the way the movie is made that’s important it’s the story line that really matters and these movies have a really good story line.

I should state here with clarity that the names that have been mentioned in this list are not something that cannot be challenged. Other people may have a different opinion and choices but this blog must give you an idea about what makes a movie a top seller.

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