He did not respond.

Now that I knew the phone was on, it was searchable online via iClould so we raced home, went online and sure enough we pinpointed the exact location of the magnetic planar headphones. I could also remotely erase the phone or lock it, but decided not to as I did not want to alarm the person who had the phone. I wanted him to feel safe with it and not let him know I was coming for it nor that I knew where it was. It would buy me more time. For all we knew he could take out the SIM card which would disable iCloud, he could move from his current location or just shut the phone off.

Allan and I hopped in the car with my laptop and enabled the hotspot application on my phone so it could share the wireless connection with my laptop so I could stay connected. The address was not far from us, but was about 4 miles from where the phone was lost. Within 5 minutes we were at the location, a depressed city block in the Ejido, where mostly lower middle class Mexicans live. One side of the street was an abandoned lot and the other had several 2 level, run down homes. We drove slowly along the street, constantly refreshing the iCloud program until we were right outside the building. We contemplated calling the police but decided to give whomever had the phone a chance to return it.

I noticed outside this two story building there was an iron gate with 2 younger dark haired Mexican women sitting just inside. The gate was open but it was quite dark inside. The gate separated the street from a dark alley with apartments on either side and stairs at the far end which led up to a second level.

I was quite apprehensive as I approached and explained to the women that I was looking for my lost phone which my computer indicated was here. The alley I was in looked like it was out of some Kung Foo movie where the star enters a dangerous dark alley only to be confronted with trouble. I was a bit scared of possibly being attacked or robbed. It was dark and the location was very poor and run down. A chubby dark haired woman and a man with mustache and shaved head who had been laying in a hammock approached and in a very friendly yet concerned tone explained that it was all one family that lived there and no one had my phone.  I explained that the phone had been lost on the beach and I had a program to track the phone and it was definitely there. “Was there anyone who recently at the beach I asked?”

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