Using Your Garage For Spring Cleaning

It’s easy to let a garage become a shed, a maze of tools, toys and junk. But it doesn’t take much to turn a waste of a decent space into a functioning Garage Floor Coatings Near Me that can keep your car from the elements and still store a range of useful items.

The garage clear out approach

Over the winter a garage can become more of a makeshift dumping ground for a range of items from the garden and driveway. All the summer toys and equipment can accumulate to a sizeable maze of bicycles, surfboards, tools and furniture to a point where the car can no longer fit in and anything you might need is probably too far buried to be worth looking for. This is no way to have a garage, and when spring comes, this can be an opportunity to have a good tidy up and get your garage back to the original use it was intended for.

There can be a range of ways to reorganise your garage, but a popular approach is to give it a clean sweep. Wait for a dry, sunny weekend, and get everything out. Sort every item into a pile for keeping, throwing away or recycling, and selling. But before it all goes back in, make sure you’ve got a plan to minimise the chances of the entire garage becoming disorganised again.

Just throwing everything you want to keep back into the garage won’t address the problem, as disorganisation is what usually leads to an unkempt – and practically unusable – garage. With that pile of items you’ll want to keep, you’ll need to categorise in order of priority of use. As the key factor with garages is actually getting access to the tools, toys and equipment you need, the way in which things go back into the garage is important.

Sticking to the garage plan

Discipline is essential with a garage clear out and tidy up plan. Time spent sticking to your garage plan could well be plenty of time saved later in the year when it comes to getting that tool or piece of sports equipment that you need to find quickly and without having to go through an obstacle course to reach. The solution for all of this can be to create a garage plan according to 3 steps – categorise your items according to how they are used, draw up a garage plan and then create a system where items are stored away according to the season in which they are used.

It’s also a good idea to clean the garage before moving things back in. When you do start putting them back in, consider the garage storage layout, and whether items can be boxed, pegged, or shelved. Using old plastic containers and wooden boxes is ideal, as well as any old cabinets or drawers – anything that can keep things in one easy to find place. Take advantage of anything that can be used to keep things off the floor. That way, there is a much better chance of fitting your car back into the garage as well.

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