The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit–Revealed?! Part 3

Then came the announcement made by Benjamin Creme in the late seventies and early eighties that Lord Maitreya was already here on earth and living somewhere in London, England, among the Asian community. According to Creme, Maitreya, who is jesus christ descended from his retreat in the Himalayas in July 1977 and took residence in the British Isle, and that he has already met privately with journalists and influential leaders from all fields of human endeavor. In June 11, 1988, Maitreya was said to have appeared miraculously to thousands of people in Nairobi, Kenya, who recognized him as the Christ. Some say that this was a secret institution’s first successful experimentation on teleportation and that the whole purpose of presenting this Maitreya is to control the masses. Nevertheless, Creme states that Maitreya comes with a divine mission. We quote from the periodical Emergence the purpose of Maitreya, the World Teacher:

“Concerned primarily about the economic, political and social imbalances in the world today, He (Maitreya) will first launch a call to action to save the millions of people who starve to death every year in a world of plenty. He will then show humanity the way to regenerate itself and to anchor brotherhood and peace in the world by creating a civilization based on sharing, justice and cooperation. His presence is our guarantee that there will be no third World War. Nevertheless, it is humanity itself which must make the required changes and fashion the saner and more just world the Christ will inspire us to create.”

Creme also says that Maitreya will reveal himself to the whole world at the earliest possible moment, and this is designated as the “Day of Declaration”:

“On the Day of Declaration, the international radio and television networks will be linked together, and Maitreya will be invited to speak to the world. We will see His face on television, but each of us will hear His words telepathically in our own language as Maitreya simultaneously overshadows all humanity. Even those who are not watching Him on television or listening to the radio will have this experience. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will take place throughout the world. In this way we will know that this man, and only this man, is truly the Christ.”

Whether Creme’s announcement be true or not it is to be noted that his declaration of Maitreya’s emergence is not well received by certain spiritual leaders. For instance, Elizabeth Prophet, one of the foremost spiritual teachers living in the States, and an active “channel” for the Masters and the Hierarchy denounces the claims made by Creme. According to her, Maitreya will not appear in person, but he will indeed overshadow groups and humanity as a whole. Elizabeth Prophet may be right in her assertions, but then, many esotericists of rival schools or even ex-members of her very own claim that she and the organization run by her are not truly sponsored by the Hierarchy and the Spiritual Masters–thus, the information she receives regarding Maitreya may not reflect the truth.

One claimant to the name and title of “Maitreya, the World-Savior” is a man by the name of Mohammad bin Abdulkarim. Born in 1944, and for years up to adulthood was unexposed to spiritual teachings, even unaware and unknowledgeble of the name “Maitreya.” It was only later when he was involved with a spiritual organization and its practices was he given the name by his Initiator and discovered its significance. His greatest spiritual achievement is his written work, the book “THOTH,” or “The Holiest of The Holies,” which presents the key to the unity of religions and humanity’s evolution. We can well recommend his teachings as they are of a high spiritual level–certainly a new revelation for humanity but something that esotericists have sensed all along. In essence, “Maitreya” states that there is no one religion greater than the other, but all provides a key to spiritual development. They are like pieces of a picture-puzzle that presents the whole single, major Revelation of God to humanity. Unless one embraces the essence of all religions as well as practicing their own minor, unique revelations in one’s daily life, it would be impossible to establish peace on earth and to evolve. We have often heard of spiritual teachers claiming that all religions are essentially the same–they all lead to God. In his teachings, Maitreya asserts that all religions have something unique that requires incorporation within the path of spirituality.

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