Shopping Cart Hero Game Review

Ever been walking down the gamesinfoshop and seen a single shopping cart by itself? It’s probably there because it’s been used trying to rein act the crazy going actions of shopping cart hero!

Shopping cart hero is a basic 2D flash ‘distance’ game, where the idea is very simple, get your player and shopping cart as far as possible.

So you start out on the top of a hill with your cart, you are told basic directional buttons including right to set off, up to jump, and to balance your cart left and right for a smooth landing. Your aim should be to jump in your cart where the first marker is, and to lift off at the second one. To start off with your jumps will be small and your main aim is to land properly and to get a feel for the game.

As you progress you will buy items that will help you jump further. These items include: upgrades to your wheels, which improve your starting speed, rockets which improve your speed after leaving the jump and groupies; they are extra people who help you with the style of your jump. To start off with do not buy any groupies as if you land awkwardly and fall out your cart you groupies will go with it, and this can become expensive.

Also as you progress through your jumps you can buy tricks. This includes the superman, this is where you get up and out your cart, hold on to the handlebar and stretch your legs out. Your other trick is the handstand which is self explanatory. Performing tricks will help you add additional points to your final score.

When you have jumped as far as you can you have the option to submit your score. Your score will be uploaded and you will see where you rank on that day, week, month or where you compare on an all time list.

Hints and Tips

• Your first purchase should always be the new wheels, followed by the first rocket; apart from groupies you can buy the rest in any order. Make sure you leave the groupies to last.
• Before you start to do tricks get yourself set for landing.
• Use the colour of the sky on your descent to judge how much time you have left before you land.
• Sometimes your distance can be affected by your tricks, check to see if it’s more profitable not to do tricks.
• The best item to have on the game is the super rocket; you will complete the game quicker if you have this at your disposal.

Based on the number of crashes I have had on this game, shopping carts will not be used as an alternative way to fly for a while yet, but we can still use them in flash games for fun.

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