florida house for sale sarasota A Multicultural Old World Housing Style

The notion of a florida house for sale sarasota floor plan brings to mind surf, sand and plenty of sunshine. Along with the sunshine are house plans design with the warm, humid climate in mind. While you may see a multitude of architectural styles in Florida. The most prevalent will be Mediterranean, Spanish and the European villa look of Italian Renaissance.

Though the styles may be multicultural and mostly Mediterranean in nature. The recurrent theme is a house plan design to be comfortable and livable in the warm Florida climate. Stucco exteriors with clay tile roofs are common as are large living areas with plenty of open spaces. An open floor plan allows for air to circulate more freely throughout the home.

Design elements such as numerous arched doorways, cast stone columns and balustrades. Mahogany trim and marble floors give the Florida house floor plan a definite feel of an Old World European villa that could have been construct several hundred years ago. To further emphasize the Old World feel, particularly in the case of multi-story homes. Arched windows, cathedral or domed ceilings and curved staircases with balcony overlooks are favorite additions.

The appearance of natural cut stone is another important element to consider when designing a Florida house floor plan. The cut stone look can be seen in Mediterranean Spanish and Italian style homes and lends an elegant upscale feel to the design. The look can be create with raise plaster work or cast stone.

Completely or partially shielding the main entry from view can be accomplishe with a landscape courtyard and archway. The courtyard serves a dual purpose in both adding privacy as well as affording attractive views from the homes front facing windows. This type of design element is both Spanish as well as Italian Renaissance in nature. The most important thing to remember when designing your Florida house floor plan is to execute all the various element details carefully and keep the Old World flavor in tact http://buyfloridarealestatenow.com.

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