Women’s tights – trends spring/summer 2022

Spring is already outside, the sun shines every day and encourages us to go for walks. It’s the perfect moment to check out the latest trends and refresh your closet for the spring season! This year purple has been chosen as the most fashionable color by Pantone. No worries, pink, fuchsia, red, cobalt and even gold will also be brilliant choices for spring and summer lip tattooing perth! These are the most interesting colors for spring dresses, which, combined with a fashionable pattern on tights, will give any outfit a “wow” effect! Wondering which styles of tights are getting the most attention? Do you know which celebrities already have their favourite tights for the 2022 season? Or maybe you want to find the best women’s tights for a spring date? In this article, you will learn about the latest trends in the world of tights! And you’ll learn about the journey that tights have taken to become so popular!

The first pantyhose were created in the early 11th century and served the function of promoting proper circulation of the legs. They were also meant to protect against the cold. Interestingly, at first, they were reserved only for men of aristocratic families and were mainly made of silk.

It was not until the 20th century that tights started to appear in women’s closets, however, at that time they were stockings combined with panties. A breakthrough came when the Du Pont company introduced the first synthetic fibre, nylon, from which tights are still made today. The comfort of wearing the first tights was very low, they were uncomfortable and slipped off the legs. Despite this, many women could not imagine life without them. With the solution to the problem came a scientist Allen Gant. He introduced the so-called “Panti — Legs”, which were a combination of stockings and panties. They conquered the hearts of all women in the world and that’s when the golden moment for tights came, in the 1960s. They became an indispensable accessory to every little black dress. No woman could imagine leaving home without them, because they beautifully expose the legs.

A great hit turned out to be the introduction of tights made of lace, which took place as late as in the 1980s. Since then, tights in different versions have appeared on catwalks and in street fashion. Women wear them to social and business meetings, as well as to romantic dates with their partners. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs available at hand. The only dilemma is to find a fashionable model that will match the trends and women’s favorite clothes!

Comfort, simplicity or maybe extravagance? A modern woman needs tights for special tasks above all else! Today tights are not only an accessory to the aesthetic appearance, but also their task is to help to fight cellulite. Advanced technology makes it possible to produce tights which are enriched with special formulas. They are not only based on natural substances, but sometimes even on the action of infrared rays. And besides, they have beautiful designs and adorn women’s legs! This season’s must-have item is the multi-patterned tights, which can be worn with almost any outfit!

This season’s favourites are the jelly fishnets! They go perfectly with leather shorts and dark mini skirts. Although creating an outfit with fishnets may seem like a challenge at first, there are Polish celebrities who have fallen in love with them this year. Maffashion and Ania Lewandowska created very interesting hairstyles using cabarets. The simple top and minimalist style fit them perfectly. On their own, fishnets add a strong character and a little bit of defiant look, which can be toned down with minimalistic clothes. Pastel shades of beige and black are most popular.

Some women do not want to be conspicuous, but like to go wild in accessories. An interesting proposition for them are pea-shaped tights. Simple, subtle, yet they add character to any styling. This pattern charmed many women because of its versatility. It goes well with clothes with floral prints, as well as with single-colored sets. The combination of dots on a dress and on tights is a hit this spring and summer! Peas are a feminine pattern that can be worn to work in the office and out with friends. A neutral combination that adds style to the owner.

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