What makes Thailand the best place to live overseas?

Most of the people start looking out for their alternative slot thailand home overseas once they near the retirement age. The main reason for this is the high living expenses of their current or native country. Out of the all the countries of the World, Thailand tops the list among the best places to live overseas. It may be due to the affordable awesome climate, low cost of living and a number of other reasons. In this article, we are going to shortlist some of the reasons that make Thailand the number one choice to live overseas.

Thailand is famously known as the ‘Land of Smiles’. Thai people have played a major role in attaining this title for their country. They are considered among the most helpful and friendly people in the World. Most of the local Thais will openly help every foreigner and assist him in whatever way it is possible. So, if you are an outgoing person then buying your second home in the country will be the best decision. All those expatriates who have lived in the country or have visited it always appreciate the hospitality of the Thais.

As a foreigner, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the local Thai language. You just need to know basic English and you will be fine in the country. The local people have also learned English in their elementary school which will make it easier for you to communicate with them. Especially the people that are working in the tourism industry, policemen, hotel and restaurant staff all have elementary proficiency in English.

Thailand has one of the best International hospitals that offer affordable health care services. Due to this, a number of foreigners must the country in order to get the specific treatment. When compared with the countries like the USA, you can get the same level of treatment in Thailand that too at not even have the cost that you would end up paying over in the US. Quality health facilities are some of the important parameters that a person considers while moving over to a foreign land. Bangkok has some of the best hospitals in the World that will offer you treatment for almost all medical problems.

Thailand has a good climate throughout the year. Yes, the rainy season can go up to five months of the year but the rains don’t possess any kind of threat apart from some occasional flooding. There is no such danger from any kind of windstorms or typhoons. If you are a person who lives in some of the coldest countries of the World, then Thailand will offer you a great alternative. The winter season is not too cold it is comfortably bearable. Apart from some cities like Chiang Mai that is located in the northern mountains of Thailand, the rest of the cities has a very pleasant climate.

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