What Do You Have To Know About Electronic Cigarettes?

The E cigarette is a new generation cigarette. Before you try smoking an e-cig, you have to know some things about it. What is an e-cig and what does it comprise of? What is e-liquid? What is a cartridge? How does it work? E cigarettes comprise of a battery, cartridges, and an atomizer. E liquid is the nicotine, propylene glycol and the flavour that you “Relx Vape“. We use “Vape” because there is no smoke. It looks like a smoke but it is a vapor. When you draw on the e-cig, the liquid is heated by the atomizer and it creates the vapor. When the first e-cig was created there were many companies that started to manufacture it. They produced different cartridges with liquid. There are smokers who fill their own cartridges and make their own liquid based on their taste. They make it on their own or use e juice.

When you smoke e-cig for the first time you will look for a known flavour, that is to say, the flavour of the real cigarettes you have smoked. That is the most important thing for most of the smokers. They expect to feel the same and to find the same taste. For that reason your first try must be with the same or a similar flavour. If there is a difference the smoker usually will not try a second time.

They will say “I can’t feel it.” or “It is just not the same”. For your health and especially for the health of the others it is better to get used to it. There are many cigarette companies that provide different tastes and different quantity of nicotine. So you are better to choose the taste that you have been accustomed to. Afterwards you can change and make experiments and try out the other ones. It is proven that people buy the liquid that is similar to the real tobacco and there is a small part of them that “vape” menthol.

The throat feeling is also very important. Past e liquid makes smokers think that they inhale just air or that they don smoke. That was because at the beginning the inventor wanted the e-cig to replace the traditional cigarette and to make people receive less nicotine. The first liquid was made with zero nicotine or with a very small amount of it. Now most of the manufactures change their formulas and increase the quantity of the nicotine in the liquid. There are different kinds of e liquid. You can make your own too. But you have to hold on to some hard and fast rules. You have to be very careful and keep your liquid away from your children and family pets. Nicotine is poisonous and causes many troubles. You must never digest it. E cigarette is the future for the smokers. It is proved that most of the smokers can never give up smoking no matter the diseases that the smoking causes.

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