Tips Writing a Book – Get Started With Creative Book Ideas

Need tips writing a acim? Even best selling authors got help writing a book from a book coach or other professional. Now you can expand those creative book ideas to write, finish, and market your book now.

You already know the benefits. Your book will make a difference in people’s lives. It will help your target audience get their problems solved.

To get started writing your book, it’s important to know your book’s hot selling points before you write a word. Creative book ideas include knowing your topic first.

Follow These 10 Steps for Writing a Book to Make your Book Stand out From the Crowd:

1. List your five favorite topics you’d like to write about.

Choose the one you are most passionate about now and will be for the next two years. Do not write another book until you market the first one.

2. Define on paper your topic, title, thesis and best audience.

After you know these and have spent some time defining these on paper, take the next step.

3. Create a book chapter outline.

For each chapter topic, write 3-5 questions you will answer in it. Later add a hook introduction with benefits and a last paragraph to attract your reader to the next chapter.

4. Write a clear book title with an angle.

You have less than 10 seconds to grab your readers’ attention. Your book cover and title must do that. Your working title or book title helps you focus and answer your buyer’s reason for wanting the book. What number one problem will your book solve for your readers? Include your book’s promise-the benefits–in your sub-title if not clear in your title. That includes the main benefits.

5. Write a personal Dear Audience Letter to Your # One Audience.

Tell them why your wrote the book and what it can do for them. It’s far easier to write a book aimed at only one audience. Think a book series with your other audiences. Book sales grow when your book has an angle. You may think that everyone will want to read your book. Not true. Instead, choose your audience and solve a problem for them in your how to book. Your target audience wants particular, specific information rather than general.

6. Create your cover with your audience in mind. Personal growth people like aqua and shades of pink and salmon.

Include your book’s promise-the benefits–in your sub-title if not clear in your title. It’s better to be clear than clever, but the ultimate winning combination is clear and clever.

7. Write your book’s thesis before you write a single chapter.

A thesis is one sentence stating the audience’s main problem/challenge and how your book will solve it. Knowing the thesis before you write the book keeps you on track so you write focused, compelling, readable copy. Each book chapter must support your book’s thesis. Take “Write your Chapters in Half the Time with Fewer Edits.” A best book chapter title often includes your thesis as this book does.

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