The Blood Pressure Miracle by Frank Mangano

The Blood Pressure a course in miracles youtube channel was written by Frank Mangano who is a self-educated, independent researcher in the field of alternative health. Frank discovered a method to lowering high blood pressure or hypertension in an all-natural way because of his strong desire to help his mother who was diagnosed to have high cholesterol in the early 2000’s. Mangano studied and reviewed medical books, reports, articles and case studies as well as literature on natural herb’s, vitamins and minerals. After months of research, he came up with ‘The Mangano’ method to to help people having this problem.

The book is an electronic manual that features a all-natural method for lowering hypertension without prescription drugs that are riddled with harmful side effects. The all-natural ‘Mangano’ method has no side effects. It uses the body the way it was designed to be used to drop your pressure. The book lists and explains the most effective nutritional supplements and their dosages that can prevent and reverse this problem.

Frank Mangano’s book states high blood pressure which often is called the “silent killer” (because most people don’t even know they have it and they can die without warning), is as serious of a health concern as you can possibly have. The grim statistics that the American Heart Association provides on hypertension were outlined in the book; the truth that high blood pressure killed 46,765 Americans in 2001. It became the primary or contributing cause of death in about 251,000 U.S. deaths in 2000.

As many as 50 million Americans age 6 and older have this problem. One in five Americans has it and of those people, 30 percent don’t know they have it and 11 percent aren’t on therapy (special diet or drugs), 25 percent are on inadequate therapy, and 34 percent are on adequate therapy.

Frank also outlined the harmful side effects of taking blood pressure-lowering drugs. Here’s what the American Heart Association listed as potential side effects:

Leg cramps, fatigue, attacks of gout, insomnia, cold hands and feet, depression, a slow heartbeat, symptoms of asthma, impotence, skin rashes, loss of taste, a chronic dry, hacking cough, rare instances, kidney damage, occasional dizziness, heart palpitations

Swollen ankles, constipation, headache, drowsiness or sluggishness, dryness of the mouth, fever, anemia, a stuffy nose, diarrhea, heartburn, possible nightmares, swelling around the eyes, aches and pains in the joints, fluid retention (marked weight gain), excessive hair growth.

But of course the natural remedies Frank discovered “The Mangano Method” of lowering high blood pressure without harmful drugs were carefully illustrated and presented in the book.

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