Sliding Closet Doors – Choose the Right Doors For Your Home

Building closets is a multi-million garage door repair santa rosa ca industry. Homeowners spend hours combing through magazines, catalogs and websites to find the perfect closet designs for their house. But those sliding closet doors are often overlooked. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your closet doors in your home improvement project. Spending time and money on a perfect closet makes little sense if the doors are dated and impractical.

As you consider whether to update your closet doors, there are several questions you should ask yourself. The first is whether you currently have the right style of door on your closet. Depending on the size of the closet, you may find that a different type of door works best. You should also consider your door’s color as well as whether you prefer wood, vinyl or a different material. Finally, there are many decorative options that you can consider depending on the door type.

To get your closet project underway, the first step is to take some time to consider the type of doors you want to use for your new, organized closets. Most closets use one of four types of doors: swinging, bifold, sliding, or accordion. Each type of closet door has its benefits and its unique uses. A swinging door is your basic panel door that you open outward for access into your closet. While a versatile door, it can also take up a lot of space when open, making it fairly unpopular except when used in rooms that have large spaces to allow for the opening doors. Bifold closet doors are actually two narrow doors that are hinged together. When open, they fold against each other. Although space saving, they commonly are made with lower quality materials and are prone to warping.

Accordion doors have fallen out of favor and for good reason. When open, these doors fold up like a fan or an accordion. To create the flexibility needed for the door to open in this way, flimsy materials are generally used which make accordion doors unattractive and easily broken.

Of all your choices, sliding closet doors are the most popular. They are also the most expensive, but most homeowners agree that they are well worth the money. If you are planning to invest in custom closets, it only makes sense to spend the extra money for high-quality, attractive closet doors as well. Sliding doors move on a track that is fitted into the wall that allows you to have easy access to the entire closet without the need for a large room to open a door outward. For many homeowners, ease of access to the items inside the closet as well as attractive appearance are primary consideration in selecting a closet door, making the sliding doors a very popular choice in custom closet design.

After you have selected the type of closet doors that are best suited to your budget, style, and needs, whether you choose bifold doors, sliding closet doors, or another type, you need to decide on the color. This is also a good time to consider your door material options. If you would like colored doors that either match or contrast with your room, you may want to select wood which can be painted. Vinyl doors are also available in a variety of colors but you are generally locked into that color for the life of the door. Paneled doors can have fabric or stenciling on the panels while other homeowners preferred mirrored doors to make their room look lighter and bigger.

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