Roller Shutters Choices, Electric Or Manual?

If you are considering fitting roller قیمت درب کرکره برقی ارزان to your business premises, then you may think that there is not a lot to think about! You probably just have a picture in your mind of some silver looking shutters which are going to keep people out of your building right? Well there is a lot more to consider when you decide to go for some metal doors on your windows.

Obviously, the main reason for purchasing the shutters is for protection against burglary, however, some shutters are purchased with weather conditions in mind. In the US, a lot of shutters are purchased in hurricane or tornado areas in the Midwest.

If you are purely purchasing for security purposes, then you want to get a roller which is of a sturdy material such as steel or aluminum. Also try to see examples of previous doors fitted by the company which you are considering buying from. A few potential pitfalls to watch out for can be rollers not fitting snugly against the tracks – this can be an area where using force, a door could be compromised.

Whichever level of security you choose, you will have to consider additional factors.

1) Is the door you are thinking about extremely heavy? If so, then you may need to go for an electric motor as well to aid you in moving the door.

2) Is the door light enough for a torsion spring? If your door is on the lighter side, you maybe able to get away with a manual system of opening the door.

3) Do you close your business or shop at night with 2 people? If you have somebody to help you, you may even be able to use the cheapest version of security shutters which are manually lifted into pace by 2 people and locked into position.

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