Qnet scam and the truth behind it

To tell you a little about the company, Qnet, a company Report Scam under the QIgroup, is a direct selling company that focuses on wellness and personal care products. The company of late has also started offering travel packages. It is formed on the basis of direct marketing. All these companies aren’t trustworthy. The Qnet scam, however, accusing the company of fraud is baseless. This company has been functional for almost two decades now.

This networking marketing company uses what is known as the pyramid scheme. One must realize that if the Qnet scamwas true, it wouldn’t have lasted for more than six to seven years. If one also researches some more on the scam they would realize that the company has a lot of credibility. Apart from the recent reports the company never really had a history of illegal reports or doings.

Besides the company has grown immensely and expanded its business across many countries. It is very popular in the Asian market too. Does this mean that everyone was a fool not to have seen things coming before? Why this sudden hoopla surrounding the company?

The answer is simple. These are rival strategies used by companies to weaken the power that the company holds. Qnet has been very transparent with its working which is what has led to these rival companies using the data available in a wrong manner.

Qnet has existed since the year 1998. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has qualified the categories of companies that have crossed ten years in the business sector. The company has millions of independent representatives and has expanded to almost 200 countries. The grow this extremely good and the member base is very strong. The products are really innovative and have won hearts of people across the globe. That includes wellness, jewelry and vacation packages.

If all these allegations are true why the company hasn’t been banned by now? Why haven’t there been any legal steps taken? The truth is because there is no validity to this entire Qnet scam. It is a business model that works only when people work. So does that mean that all the people associated with the company are frauds too? This is the truth that everyone especially the media needs to open its eyes to.

The company has worked very hard to get the global reach that it has acquired.  It has satisfied many customers and distributors all over the world. The group has varied business interests which itself shows its credibility. The Qnet scam is a scam itself!

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