Pragmatic Ethics; Are You a Liar in Disguise?

Have you ever met someone who puts themselves out as ethical at every turn, always talking about ethics like a Catholic Priest who is screwing little kids behind everyone’s back yet preaching the Holy Bible the rest of the time? These pragmatic88 ethically challenged individuals are everywhere. Just when you think you have found an ethical person, as you learn more you find that their ethics only go so far. Kind of like a man who talks of family values then screws other woman on the side and beats their wife.

Many people reading this know they are liars, yet try to conceal it, when in fact they are unfit to lead. They wonder why their business associates and friends are not long term, but only because they have never looked in the mirror to see what they really are. Are you a member of the Pragmatic Ethics Society; are you a liar in disguise? I think you are and I am a pretty good judge of character too. But what can we expect from a human? And with this truth how can we maintain the forward progression of the human race with you in it; that is to say all you Pragmatic Ethics Practicers?

They say you can only believe none of what you hear, half of what you read and most of what you see? Do you ever wonder why this is? It is because of people like you. Who sure have ethical value, as long as it suits you; that is to say as long as it is not too inconvenient and people are watching. But if you can gain from cheating, lying or concealing, you are all over it like a fly on feces. Are you afraid that people will find you out, find out your are full of crap and unethical by nature and nurture. Tell me how does that make you feel? Or do you even care anymore? Are you ethically challenged, a pragmatic ethics or can we just simplify all of this and call you a Liar. Think on it.

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