Nevada silver state full of sand and money from the casinos

Located in the west part of United States of America,Nevada silver state full of sand and money from the casinos state called Nevada known is as silver state, not because of rich casino history of this state but because of huge silver deposits discovered in this area in the end of 19 century. Almost 90% of Nevada state is a Mojave desert managed by US Army. This state is located on huge area almost 300 thousand of miles, but population is the smallest in the United States at about 1,5 million people. It is huge area not denatured by the human being. Only sand and the casinos are the kings of Nevada.

Altough some state profits are from agriculture or industry, however the main source of dollars that are floating to the state fund are obviously from casinos located in Reno and especially in Las Vegas. Over than 85% of population of this state living in Reno or Las Vegas or in its neighborhood. It is not a secret that gambling and casino was illegal here in Nevada since 1909 to 1931, in that time there were a deep crisis in USA, and state was in trouble, they were lack of money and needed to do something to change this horrible situation. So they did. They have just legalized the gambling, because they had no other way. If you think that after legislation change Nevada become immediately a wealthy state you are wrong. It was long process. But the seed was planted and yields were possible to collect only in the 50’s, after second world war.

State success, actually success of Las Vegas and Reno it is a result of few factors that appeared together. The first one was creation of relevant legal conditions, which make investment In the Casino industry possible, in one word the first factor was obviously legalization. The second factor was appearing in that region few pioneers with huge money and vision of the potential of this land and future success. Hopefully some rich visionaries were in right time in right place, and thanks to that Las Vegas and Reno can be established and developed without any troubles. The seed of gabling has been planted and now we can watch its fruits.

At the beginning Nevada lure only gamblers from neighbor states like Arizona, Oregon, California or Idaho. This states are not far from each other so people were able easy reach Las Vegas or Reno, catching the morning flight visit Sin City, play favorite casino games like blackjack, poker or roulette and be back same day in the evening.

Through all this years, Nevada was still under construction, new buildings, casinos, roads ect were constructed. Finally as the result of all this activities the capitol of gambling in the whole world was established. Present, Las Vegas is a huge city with millions of tourists and gamblers visiting this wonderful city every month. Success of this state is real and HUGE.

Owners of all this entertaining infrastructure still trying to improve their business and services to allure more and more tourists and gamblers and make more money. They are even use to that new technologies. They have to do that because they are competing with best online casinos what is not easy at all, because online casinos are open 24/7. One of that ideas are broadcasted to the whole world via television big poker tournaments, where first prizes reach even dozen million of dollars!

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