Learn How to Make Hardwood Floors Shine

What if someone told you that you can learn how to make hardwood Flooring Waldorf Md shine without breaking your back or the bank? With the right equipment and products, it’s not only easy, it’s also affordable. You can find ways to make your hardwood floors shine without depending on harsh chemicals or pricey service providers. There are tons of resources promoting the use of vinegar and vegetable oil combined to remove dirt and condition hardwood floors but there are other products on the market that are much more effective.

It’s understandable that many people are turning to more of a D.I.Y. solution since there aren’t many earth-friendly products that can provide the same wood floor polished appearance as those well-known brands can. Or so we thought. We’re going to show you how you can make hardwood floors shine without causing damage or leaving any unpleasant smells behind.

But first, a few helpful tips to prevent your wood floors from become dull quicker.

Create an entrance area: place a rug by the door or create a designated area where anyone can wipe their feet as soon as they walk in. If you’re really serious about making your wood floor shine, you can set up a small shelf where people can leave their shoes. Think of it as your own makeshift mud room.

Clip your pet’s nails: it’s not the first thing you think of, but your pet’s nails leave scratches and affect your wood floor shine. Make it a habit to keep your pet’s nails and claws trimmed so you can enjoy that wood floor polished look longer.

Daily dusting and sweeping: it might not seem like much, but having dust balls and hair on your hardwood floors takes away from the overall floor shine. Put in some extra work to keep your floors dazzling.

Use furniture protectors: choose from self-adhesive, slip-on, and nail-on pads. For hardwood floors, felt and rubber are the best choice- just make sure you have felt that’s thick enough for heavier furniture and that the rubber isn’t leaving scuff marks.

Do not wax: some people think waxing is a great way to maintain their wood floor shine, and while it can be good to wax your hardwood floors, wax is actually a potential dulling agent when other cleaners and finishes are applied over it. Oil soaps also look good but leave a residue, like left over wax, causes dulling and is hard to permanently remove once applied.

Go easy on the cleaner: remember, hardwood floor restoration usually follows when the wood has absorbed too much water or hard wear without upkeep. Using a cleaner with too much water can cause damage to your floors and make it necessary to restore wood floor. We recommend a pH balanced cleaner for weekly use. At the end of the day, there’s no stopping wood floor shine from fading. Here are three easy ways to make your hardwood floors shine day in and day out.

Use a Modern Wood Floor Polishing or Shining Product

The word polish has become ubiquitous with a shiny floor but a water based product that creates a shiny floor can be easily applied and part of an ongoing shiny floor program. Maintaining a glossy wood floor and keeping floors glossy is hard to do when you have a lot of foot traffic going in and out at all times. A wood polished looking floor polish can be achieved by a few brands that are changing the wood floor polish game by eliminating harsh chemicals.

These products are made to be applied easily and leave long-lasting results without any lingering smell, residue, or streaks. Get a modern water based finish that is known for its effectiveness and meets your health standards. It’s not as hard as you’d think.

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