How to Read Garage House Plan – DIY Projects

A oklahoma city concrete floor absorbs dirt and mud like a sponge. Think about it, it’s not just the vehicle that you drive all around through various terrains , but also the dirtiest and messiest of things that you own, that end up in the garage – lawnmowers, work tools, chemicals etc.

Traditionally, the flooring of a garage was not considered as an essential part of deciding your garage house plan. However, times have changed, and with it you are now presented with a vast variety of material choices. Make sure that when choosing the right garage house plan, you also have an idea of what you would do with the garage floor.

Garage Tiles

This is a popular choice and even a do-it-yourself option if you have the right materials – the basics include trowels, industrial glue and knee pads. Being a labour intensive task, this option can be expensive to contract out, and depending on the inconsistencies of your garage floor surface, it could also take a considerable length of time.

Though the finish is by far the most pleasing to the eye, maintenance of a tiled garage is difficult as there’s always the risk of cracks and dangerous loose tiles. A busy homeowner should consider carefully before investing in a garage house plan that comes with a tiled floor.

Rubber mats

A more traditional type of garage floor mats; these are still in use because of their practicality. Easy cleaning of spills and its anti-slip, fire-retardant qualities make it the best option for a garage that will also be used as a workshop. Vendors of garage house plans often recommend rubber mats because they are not only affordable, they also give your garage a professional finish.

Polyvinyl roll out mats

By far the easiest flooring option to go with, polyvinyl mats that come in all sorts of sizes, take the stress out of flooring as the installation only entails cutting out protruding edges. It also prevents harmful substances emanated from your car seeping into the concrete or water levels in your house. Some roll-outs also come with a moisture barrier for easy maintenance.

You can even take the mat out easily to hose it clean with a gush of water. It comes in a great variety of colours and types of treads to match the interior of your garage. Because of its practicality, affordability and safe insulating qualities, roll out mats are extremely popular as choice for your garage house plan flooring needs.


An epoxy coat can give your garage an impressive and sophisticated finish if it is done, adhering to strict standards. A professional job of painting and epoxying can be costly and time-consuming – more than ten days for some floors.

Maintenance is also difficult, the peeling that will inevitably happen over time and substances that will invariably enter a garage, such as moisture and chemicals, will all contribute to the deterioration of the epoxying. Getting a garage house plan that includes a painting/epoxying job as part of the package will probably not save you money in the long run.

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