How to Measure For a New Door

Are you thinking of getting a new garage door repair santa rosa ca for your home? Ordering the wrong size is a surprisingly common mistake, but one that can prove extremely expensive.

Even if you are allowed to return the door to the seller, you will probably still have to pay transport costs. On top of that, you’ll have all the bother of finding a replacement door and paying again for delivery.

Following these simple steps will help you work out which size you need.

Accuracy is key. Unless you are buying a whole new door set (door leaf and frame), you need to ensure that your existing door frame is completely straight and level. The best way to check this is by measuring diagonally from corner to corner, in both directions. If the measurements vary from each other by more than 5mm, you might have to adjust the frame – a job best left to a carpenter – or buy a new one.

Inspect the condition of the frame as well. It needs to be strong, as a door can weigh up to 50 kg. If there is much damage you may be better off buying a complete door assembly (frame and door).

Measure the height, width and depth of your old door, taking each measurement several times at different points. If there is much variation, use the largest figures. Most doors can be slightly trimmed to fit, but if a door is too small there is nothing you can add!

Doors normally come without any hardware such as handles, locks, latches and hinges. If the existing fittings are in good condition you may be able to re-use them. Otherwise, you’ll need to order hardware separately and fit it to your new door before installation.

Remember to measure the exact position of the old hinges, handle and closing mechanism, so you can fit replacements to line up precisely with the frame.

To take an accurate measurement for the hinges, run a tape measure from the top of the existing door to the top of each hinge (there will probably be at least three). Make sure you lay the tape flat against the face of the door, and keep it straight.

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