Graduation Stationery to Match Your Start-Up Business Stationery

Graduation is an exciting time – and an opportunity to promote your related start-up business endeavor. If you are planning to open your own business after you receive your diploma, consider choosing graduation stationery that matches your business خريد اينترنتي دفتر for a budget-friendly and cohesive “branding” strategy.

Graduation stationery typically includes announcements, invitations, and thank you cards, although often the invitation performs double duty acting as the announcement as well. In contrast, business stationery typically consists of a letterhead, coordinating envelopes, and business cards. Both types of stationery are important and can be a vital part of your new business venture.

Graduation stationery functions to inform friends and family of your academic achievements, with details of the event, what degree you are earning, and when the ceremony will take place. If you plan to start a business related directly to your degree, then you might want to keep this in mind when shopping for graduation and business stationery.

By choosing the same paper and general layout, you can often save money by ordering multiple items in one stationery package – and even better, you have a way to connect people visually to your graduation and business without seeming pushy. One of the best ways to advertise your business and announce an achievement is to celebrate with a party. An easy way to announce your graduation and business venture simultaneously is to invite friends and family to a graduation celebration at your new place of business. You can celebrate both accomplishments at once.

For example, if you plan to start your own accounting service and just received your finance degree, you might host your graduation party at your new office. You can use your graduation stationery to announce the party, while giving attendees a preview of your new business. At the party, you’ll have your new business cards displayed along with any promotional material, even if it’s just an introductory letter printed on your new business stationery for people to pick up and take with them. By matching the graduation invitation to your business stationery, the look will be cohesive and people will recognize the “brand” that is you.

Simple and professional deigns are always the best choice. Perhaps you choose white bond paper with a black border and a modern swirl header. Your graduation stationery could easily incorporate this elegant design without seeming too corporate, while your business stationery could likewise feature this design without seeming unprofessional. If you want to incorporate color, perhaps a school color, then choose wisely. Try to avoid outrageous color schemes and colored paper. Instead, insert color in the form of a border or monogram to preserve a professional appearance without staying too neutral.

As long as you can link the two types of stationery together, you have a great chance to let your friends and family preview your business venture and give them the opportunity to tell others. You might get your first clients as a result of combining your graduation and business stationery packages!

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