Governments Should Give More Thrust To Female Education

In the olden days, not all women were getting educated. um curso em milagres retiro online to females was not given the right importance during those days. Because of this, several problems used to arise in families and also in societies. Therefore, governments throughout the world are formulating policies to accord more importance to education to women.

Female education will help families and the societies in a number of ways. Some of the benefits a family and the society at large derive from female education are listed here.

– Through education, women understand the importance and benefits of having a small family. This will motivate them to delay their marriages. Further, they adopt various informed methods to have a small family. We have seen in many under-developed and undeveloped countries that lack of female eduction has led to population explosion and poverty. Especially, in African countries, where development and female education are not to the required standards, millions of people are suffering from abject poverty. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not plan the size of their family.

– Child mortality rates of the earlier days was another problem that could be tackled with female education. Again taking the example of under-developed African countries, child mortality rates are quite high in those countries. Women who are not educated properly do not care to give importance to immunization to children and hence many children die of preventable diseases. Though the problem of child mortality has been tackled quite well in many other countries where female education has got its due importance, in these under-developed countries, where female education is not accorded the right priority, the problem continues to haunt the governments.

– Women take care of their health if they receive a good education. Previously, prenatal and postnatal problems were quite common. Now women are taking care of these problems by taking preventive measures.

– For managing home and the financial affairs of the family, education helps to a great extent. Women are able to contribute quite substantially to domestic finance. Many women go for employment and there are women who are involving themselves in many businesses including home businesses. Some women are doing businesses in fields that were originally considered the domain of men.

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