Free Love Spells – Using Powerful Spells That Work

Free love spell online spells and most importantly powerful spells that work have been performed by witches from ancient times and are still being performed by many people today with amazing success and results. Everyone wants to know more information about these love spells and do they really work. I will help you manifest love using a white magic spell that works every time. This free love spell has proven to attract love over and over again, which you can easily do at home for yourself. To cast this Wiccan magical spell, you need the following ingredients:

When you have got all of these items, it is time to start your free powerful love spell. place your candles on a table and arrange them in the shape of an upside down triangle. Spread the petals from one of the rose flowers around the candles. This should placed in a the heart in a shape. Place the cinnamon sticks between the two candles located at the top of the triangle. This will allow you to make a dimple for the heart top. Now you must take the lilacs and place them in the center.

Now take a moment and light the candles. While you light them, you need to chant “ohm”. While chanting, you should be imagining the perfect lover, actually meeting them, you falling for each other and then dating each other, whilst feeling love and romance between the two of you.

After this, you should stand up. Make the image of a heart using both your forefingers and thumb. While you do this, you should image the image of the new lover that you want to enter your life. After you have done this, place your hands over the candles. Think about the qualities you want from your lover. Examples of these traits include personal qualities, someone who puts you above everything thing and everyone else, availability, and looks. As you think about these qualities, chant, “Love come to me as I will so mote it be!”.

After deciding on the kind of lover you want, you need to write down these qualities. Although you need to be realistic, write down as many qualities as you can. It is also very important to be very specific.

When you are done, fold the flower petals. You should then place it into the paper. Use the wax from the orange candle to seal the paper. Now place the paper inside the envelope. Seal the envelope with the wax from the white and red candles. The final step of this free love spell can take time to unfold. Until you meet your lover, light the candles every Friday night along with the cinnamon and keep the envelope under your pillow or bed.

The last stage of this powerful spell is creating a collage or a dream board of your perfect lover. You can use old magazine pictures and poster boards to do this. Place alternative images on their face with different eyes, hair color, body shapes and sizes. Using different types of lettering, list the qualities you want. You need to be creative and finally place this somewhere that you will always see it, preferably somewhere you see it when you first wake up each day. The more time and energy you put into this wish spell on a daily and consistent basis, the more real your spell and dream will become.

So enjoy your spell casting and know in your heart you have performed one of the most powerful love spells that work! Good luck with your free love spells.

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