Choosing a Garage Door Company for Repairs

When your garage garage door repair santa rosa ca needs repairs it is important to choose the right garage door company to do the repairs. Some repairs can be expensive so you want to make sure that the repair company you choose does the repairs correctly. These tips will help you avoid companies that charge excessively high prices, do shoddy work, or unnecessary repairs.

• Although you may need to get the door repaired quickly, you should take the time to get bids from several companies. By getting more than one bid, you can avoid getting scammed or paying too much for the repair job. You can get bids over the phone. When the technician arrives let them know they are not to do any work that exceeds their bid before getting your permission.
• When looking for a garage door company be aware of the “repair specialist” that intentionally target such repair work. Many will just take their bid and have the work done because the company states they are specialist in such repairs. It is okay to get a bid from this type of company but you should also get a bid from a company that deals in garage door service and sales. This should also be a long-established company
• If you contact a garage door company and the phone is answered with a generic phrase such as doors service or garage doors beware getting a bid from them. A company that operates under many names uses this tactic.
• A garage door company that is the first ad in the Yellow pages of the phone book or number one on Google search does not necessarily indicate a company that is reputable. Some disreputable companies do heavy advertising in hopes that a prospective customer will hire their company to do the repairs. Look at their ads or website for promises of low prices and many discounts, phony looking reviews, and unverifiable five star claims.
• Make sure that the name on their Google ad or listing matches what the name on the website is. Many unethical companies will have several names they operate under so they will be hard for a customer to track down if there is a problem with the repair job. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has any alternate business names or has bad reviews or complaints against them.
• Check out their website closely to see if they have a street address that is legitimate because some shady companies use a fake address to give the customer an illusion of being a business that is established. You can check the address on Google Street View to see if is a real or fake address.

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