Attracting Miracles Into Your Life Through the Law of Attraction

Could there possibly be a way to have teacher of teachers come into your life everyday? There is when you bring the Law of Attraction into the equation. When you expect a miracle, you receive a miracle and that is just about as simple as it gets. Expect and Receive.

Miracles happen everyday, but some we just don’t see. The sun rising, the flowers blooming, the birth of a baby are all miracles and when you begin to see what kind of miracles are part of your everyday life, you will begin to notice even more miracles in your life.

Take a moment and think about every miracle of your day from the fact that your body just automatically works, to how the sun comes up each morning and sets each evening. By focusing on these miraculous thoughts and feelings, you will start to enjoy your own life miracles.

We were on a deadline one day and everyone in the office was working more than diligent. Lots of fun talk and mirth when one of the servers went down. You should have seen the look on everyone’s faces, what with a looming deadline approaching. Each one of us took a look at the computer and tried to help figure out the problem. Working in our office is quite something because even though we are all card carrying Law of Attraction practitioners, some can fall off the wagon when it comes to a crisis of this proportion. Our newly hired receptionist said it first: “Well, guess we should expect a miracle, don’t you think?” We all looked at her and released a sigh of relief. We all knew that no matter what, our job was to trust the Universe and expect a miracle. So we did. Sure, there were some iffy moments wondering if it would all come through as the day began to end.

We had called our computer man but he was out on calls and wouldn’t be in the rest of the day. We were going to have to wait until the next day which would have put us way behind schedule, but we kept the faith and knew that even if we were delayed it would work as it should. In the meantime, we expected a miracle. Anytime anyone brought up something about the downed server we would remind him or her that it didn’t matter because a miracle would happen.

We were the last two out the door when who should call? Our computer repairman. “Just took a chance you might be there. I had a cancellation and wanted to know if I could come by?” MIRACLE and yes, the server was fixed in minutes.

Expect a miracle. It may come when you least expect it, or in a different fashion than you thought, but it will come as long as you expect, focus, and release it to the Universe by using the Law of Attraction.

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