Are Your Security Personnel Qualified in Mine Safety?

The mine security personnel you choose for your altcoins operation must be completely up to date on all current training and mine safety regulations. Having inexperienced or unqualified personnel can cost lives and lead to unnecessary shutdowns.

How Can You Be Sure Your Security Personnel is Qualified?

Qualified security personnel must have knowledge on all aspects of safety such as blasting, fire extinguishers, oxygen and acetylene safety, heat hazards, pre-shift inspection and workplace inspection.

When it comes to mining, mine safety is quite controversial……..although it is much safer now than in previous years. Even still, mine accidents often receive a lot of publicity because an accident in a mine can cost lives.

What the public does not hear about are the situations that were prevented due to proper safety and security by trained and experienced professionals.

Effective safety involves making sure that all the mining personnel are properly trained as there are specific training courses that the mining industry sets forth. Mining is still a very dangerous industry, which is why it is vital that all personnel including your mine security team fully understands the importance of being educated on the dangers.

Preliminary Planning is Vital to Ensure Effective Mine Safety

In order to ensure that your mine is up to the latest safety standards, qualified mine security personnel should development a safety plan based on the objectives of the mining company. These plans should be implemented into the general security post orders.

A qualified security and safety team will analyze a mining operations current safety and mine security measures. This will help to identify any potential dangers that exist along with a plan on how to deal with these specific dangers.

Any plan developed by your mine safety team should follow all the necessary Acts and Codes related to the specific jurisdiction of the mine.

Any plan that is implemented should have a specific target date for completion, in addition prior to implementing anything, the parties involved should agree upon a budget.

Once all plans are finalized and agreed upon, the mine safety personnel must put the plan into action. Additionally, your mine safety and security personnel must offer ongoing support and supervision to ensure that the proper safety measures are adhered to on a daily basis.

When it is all said and done, mine safety and mine security personnel are as important as any member of the mining operation. Cutting corners in this aspect of the business could cost lives and millions of dollars.

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