Architectural Ironmongery Products – Casement Windows

Hobe Sounds architects Ironmongery has been used in any infrastructure especially homes, schools and offices. Being an iron products it is known for its tough and durable characteristic and exceptional quality. It consists of door handles, window furniture, and door knobs and door frames, etc. It is available in many variety of designs and styles.

One of the most popular products of Architectural Ironmongery is the casement windows. If you have decided to make your house more classy and elegant, why not try to incorporate it with casement windows? Having a casement windows it makes your home safe and elegant. It may be traditional and contemporary. It is a great choice for home owners now a days. It is gaining its popularity among renovators also. It is a kind of Architectural Ironmongery that are attached to a fixed frame often with a cock spur handle and have one of their sides hinged similar to a regular frame window or door. Its also have a variety of glazing options such as double glazed or single glazed glass.

Architectural Ironmongery casement windows may be polished with finish colors, paint and varnish. It could also be polished with aluminum clad which provide a maximum weather-tightness performance and durability. In this type of casement windows, water condensation and heat transfer are minimized and various powder coating options are always available.

1. Side Hung Operation- a casement stay and fastener to empathetically preserve a traditional look;
2. Side and Top Swing – a multi-point locking system with an optional lockable handle for an increased security;
3. Side Hung – a multi-point locking system with a brake and an optional lockable handle.
This Architectural Ironmongery is available in brass, chrome or nickel. This type of window provides an unrestricted exit point in the event of emergency.

An important thing to know about this kind of product of Architectural Ironmongery is that it has sculptured internal beading. The purpose of this sculptured internal beading is to prevent the glass from breaking easily from the outside forces for instance possible intruders. For any possible maintenance of casement windows, affordable and cheap services have been offered of most suppliers and manufacturers. However, it can last for several years if handled with care.

Along with casement windows is the windows furniture. A product of Architectural Ironmongery, windows furniture includes casement window fastener and modern window stay. It could be made of chrome, solid brass, cast iron or stainless.

The casement window and window furnitures is the dominant type now found in the UK and much of Europe market. Architectural Ironmongery for most of this markets or online stores stock a wide range of window fittings from traditional cast iron casement fasteners, to contemporary chrome casement stays. For fan light windows they stock quadrant stays and fan light catches in a range of finishes. All fittings come with fixings suitable for wooden windows. There are many online stores that could cater every customers for Architectural Ironmongery needs.

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