10 Reasons for Hiring an Architect

“Why hire an architects in Miami?” you might ask yourself… According to prejudice only the rich can afford them, and only the less creative really need them anyway.

For instance; you yourself could plan your new house, or the extension to your house; make the drawings, do the paperwork, coordinate the contractors, get the permits you need, and so forth, – which is an excellent idea if you happen to be an architect… If not, prepare to be overwhelmed by the job and disappointed with the result.

Secondly, you might consider getting a “package deal” by the carpenter or entrepreneur that will eventually build your project; which is perfect if the company you hire have equally good qualifications with the building design and paper work, as they do with the carpentry itself. If this is not the case… keep reading.

An architect has just the right expertise for this kind of thing (assuming that reason no. 1 is the case). Taking a masters degree of 5 years or more, and X years of experience with problem solving and design, makes the architect perfectly capable of solving your project to your satisfaction. At least it is reasonable to expect as much.

Architects are trained problem solvers and can provide an optimal solution to your problem. This way you get a functional as well as an esthetically pleasing solution.

A skilled architect has an eye for the totality of the project, as well as a considerable knowledge of detail and technical solutions. Gathering all relevant information and sowing it together is just up an architect`s alley, so to speak.

An efficient and flexible solution is also cost effective, on a short and long term basis. The above list of reasons gives added value to your house on its own accord. Then add lower maintenance costs and advanced technical solutions, and hiring an architect can actually save you some money.

The architect fee itself is probably the reason why many are reluctant to hire one, but if you consider the total cost of the building project, the extra benefits you get from using an architect will make it worth it.

Architects communicate through sketching, drawing, writing and talking. The nature of architecture puts the architect in a central position in the planning process. He or she becomes the natural link between the clients, consultants, engineers, contractors, and the government.

A good architect can handle the building code and knows how to acquire the necessary building permits. Your architect will be your personal guide through the paper mill.

Many architects today know a bit about sustainable architecture, and can help make your project eco-friendly. There are many possible directions, and difficult choices to be made, if you want to ensure that your house will not put an unreasonable strain on the environment – indoor or out.

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